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Wasilla Alaska Scentsy Consultant

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Scentsy Director

Hello and welcome, this is Jill Gorman - Independent Scentsy Director and I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my website.

As a stay-at-home mom raising two growing boys while managing a successful home based business I know how valuable a person's time can be so I'll make this as quick as possible.

I want to help you!! As an independent director for Scentsy I can provide quality assistance in a variety of different ways to include the following:

1 - Finding a Wasilla Alaska Scentsy Consultant on my team who can assist you locally with your Scentsy questions.

2 - Purchasing Scentsy products online using Scentsy's safe and secure online ordering system - Very easy to use!

3 - Assistance with hosting a Scentsy show (home, basket or party pouch). The party pouch is becoming very popular with customers and my personal favorite type of party.

4 - Help with starting your own lucrative home based business as an independant Scentsy consultant on my team - This is the key to finally leaving the daily grind of the rat race behind.

Providing hassle-free assistance to customers and potential team members is very important to me and because Scentsy is a direct sales, party plan company they require all customers to go through an active consultant with Scentsy in order to become a Scentsy consultant, purchase Scentsy products or host a party (home, basket or pouch).

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HOT - If you would like assistance finding a local Wasilla, Alaska Scentsy consultant in your area, please email me or call me at 951-533-8112 and either myself or a member of my team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Scentsy Consultant in Wasilla Alaska

Finding a Scentsy Consultant in Wasilla Alaska is great for those customers that like to conduct business with someone face-to-face. Unfortunately in many cities this is not possible if there is not a local consultant in the area. Fortunately there is an easy way to still purchase Scentsy warmers and scents using our online ordering system.

If you would like to purchase your Scentsy products online I can definately help.

Please don't hesitate to take advantage of my personal assistance by contacting me. You will find that I am a outgoing consultant with a friendly personality who truly enjoys her job as an Independant Scentsy Director and I promise to provide you a hassle free experience when it comes to ordering Scentsy products or joining my team.

Become A Wasilla Alaska Scentsy Consultant

If you dream about being your own boss while working from the comforts of your own home then I encourage you to strongly consider joining my team as an Wasilla Alaska Scentsy consultant. there has never been a better time to become an independant Scentsy consultant than now for several reasons to include the following:

Alaska is a fantastic state for a new consultant because it still offers an excellent ground floor opportunity with a high earning potantial for a new Wasilla Alaska Scentsy Consultant

Click To Join My Team As A Wasilla Alaska Scentsy Consultant I hinted at this earlier but the fact is you are your own boss - Work when and where you want to without someone looking over your shoulder

A lucrative compensation plan - Earn a part-time or a full time income, the choice is yours with Scenty's amzingly fair compensation plan!

Scentsy products sell themselves - We offer warmers, fragrances, scent buddies and the new Layers product line with more products always being added

Minimal start-up costs (only $99 for the consultant start-up kit) - Makes it affordable for anyone to start a home based business

The opportunity to stay at home and be there for your family - My husband and two sons love the freedom my home based business provides me!

Free professional training provided by Scentsy managemant helping you get started on the fast track to running a successful business

Free training provided by myself and the directors above me designed to help you become successful as quickly as possible and much, much more!

When you become a Scentsy consultant in Wasilla Alaska as part of my team you join one of the fastest growing direct sales companies offering an excellent opportunity to earn part time income or to establish a full time career based around Scentsy's generous compensation plan. Additionally, I invest my own time providing personalized assistance to every consultant on my team in order to help them achieve their dream of achieving a financially secure future for themselves and their family.

DID YOU KNOW - Wasilla gained international attention when Sarah Palin, who served as Wasilla's mayor before her election as Governor of Alaska, was chosen by John McCain as his vice- presidential running mate in the 2008 United States presidential election. For more information about Wasilla, Alaska please click here.

Scentsy Consultants Wanted in Alaska

Not located in Wasilla, no problem. Right now I have immediate openings for people wanting to join my Scentsy team by becoming a Scentsy consultant in the following additional Alaska cities:

Anchorage |

Barrow | Bethel |

Cordova |

Dillingham |

Eagle River |

Fairbanks | Fort Wainwright |

Haines | Homer |

Juneau |

Kenai | Ketchikan | Kodiak | Kotzebue |

Nome | North Pole |

Palmer | Petersburg |

Seward | Sitka | Skagway | Soldotna |

Unalaska |

Valdez |

Wrangell |

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