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Scentsy Business Building Tips

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Hello, my name is Jill Gorman, and I know all to well what it takes to build a Scentsy home based business which is why I created these Scentsy Business Building Tips.

If you’re anything like me chances are good that you look forward to a new year just as much as I do. This is especially true when it comes to making sure your start your home based business off on the right foot. Each new year brings a renewed interest lighting a spark in my entrepreneurial spirit motivating me to make it my best work at home business year ever.

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In this short article I’m going to provide 5 tips to making sure you start your Scentsy business off the right way for the new year. Stick with me and let’s make this the best year for your home based business.

Scentsy Business Building Tip Number 1

Let’s be real for a quick second. There is nothing more devastating to the future success of your business then dwelling on mistakes you have made in the past. Even if the last 12 months represent the worst times for your business don’t despair, things can and will get better. Instead focus your efforts on identifying what mistakes you made and what you can learn from them and what you can do to prevent them from happening again.

Scentsy Business Building Tip Number 2

If you start the new year off with a goal to have 5000 new downline members under you or to make a million dollars within 6 months you might not see the success you deserve. I say might because the reality is, anything can happen.

However, I have found that setting realistic goals such as adding a new Scentsy consultant to your team every week or every two weeks to be a much more realistic goal and easily achievable. This prevents you from setting your objectives up to high thus avoiding the feeling of failure if you don’t achieve or realize those outlandish goals.

Scentsy Business Building Tip Number 3

In tip number 2 I talked about setting goals. This tip enhances and improves upon that objective and it involves developing and creating a bona fide blueprint for Scentsy business success.

You’ll want to identify how many hours a week you can spend working on your business, how you are going to generate leads for your downline, how you are going to generate new customers, how you intend to train your new consultants and when you plan to incorporate rest cycles into your busy business day. You will need to focus on items like this and more if you plan to make this year your best ever as a Scentsy consultant.

Scentsy Business Building Tip Number 4

Here is one main difference that I have noticed between the successful consultants in my downline and the consultants that struggle. The fact is, my most successful downline members don’t make excuses for not getting something done.

Instead they follow the success blueprint they designed to grow their home based business. Additionally, when they stumble (trust me, we all stumble every now and then) they quickly regroup and refocus their energy and determination to succeed back into their job.

Scentsy Business Building Tip Number 5

This is one of my favorite motivational tools and it focuses on celebrating every victory no matter how small it may seem. This could range anywhere from generating your first sale, receiving your first $1000 check from your company or signing up your first downline member. It’s ok to get excited and celebrate these milestones as you continue your journey to creating a life changing business.

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