Scentsy Autumn Sunset Bar

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Scentsy Autumn Sunset Bar

The smell of Autumn Sunset is in the air. You probably didn’t ever think that you could smell an Autumn Sunset, but with Scentsy you can!

The Scentsy Autumn Sunset bar offers up the wonderful fragrance of apples, pumpkins, fall leaves and spices reminds me of my favorite season of the year. Fall is coming and I can enjoy all of these scents and more in my home this season. I am using my safe and wickless Scentsy Warmer to enjoy the wonderful smells associated with Autumn by melting this top 10 fragrance bar.

Scentsy Autumn Sunset Fragrance

How Does It Work?

Here is how it works. I just screw in the light bulb, add two squares of my favorite scent, plug in the warmer and turn it on. It is just that easy. Did I also mention that it is safe? The wax only heats up to body temperature which means I can safely dip my finger in it and the wax won’t burn my finger. This also means that it is safe around my two young children and pets.

Types of Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy offers many different styles of warmers. Some of the different styles appeal to both men and women. Certainly you can find a style that will match your décor. For the men, Scentsy offers a sports line of warmers and also a line of warmers called the Campus Collection. These are warmers that represent your favorite college. There are also more masculine styles. For the women, Scentsy offers different styles for your home, work place or just for fun.

Scentsy Frangrances and Scents

There are also many scents to choose from. My favorite scent is Cinnamon Bear. It reminds me of the cinnamon gummy bears that I buy at the candy store. Each person is different and the scents that appeal to one person may not appeal to the other. However, with over 80 scents to choose from, you are sure to find a scent that you enjoy. Right now I am enjoying the Scentsy Autumn Sunset bar. However, when Christmas rolls around I will be enjoying the smell of Christmas Trees. This scent reminds me of a real Christmas tree that I just brought home and decorated in my house.

When a friend walks into my house they are welcomed by the amazing aroma in my warmer. Every single person makes a comment about how great my home smells. When the smell is gone from the warmer, I just empty the wax into a lined trash can. Then I wipe out the warmer lid with a paper towel and add two more cubes of the new scent that I want to smell. I can also change the scents. I can pour back the melted wax into the container the wax came in. The wax will mold to the original container and I can save it for another day. Then I add two cubes of another scent.

To sum it up, Scentsy is an amazing creation by an amazing company. I am so glad that I brought this warmer into my home. I’m ready for all of my family gatherings this holiday season. There is nothing like family, friends and a fantastic smelling house to get me in the mood for the festive season coming up.

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