Mochadoodle Scentsy Bar

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Mochadoodle Scentsy Bar

Click to Contact Jill Gorman Scentsy Consultant Hello, my name is Jill Gorman, I'm a successful Scentsy consultant and I would like to tell you about one of the featured wax scents from the Corner Cafe collection.

The Mochadoodle Scentsy bar features an aroma blend of delicious roasted coffee beans and cocoa balanced with sugar, caramel and heavy cream combined in a strong scent. Mochadoodle is a top selling Scentsy fragrance and it is easy to see why with its scent reminding everyone of their favorite early morning brew of coffee.

The Mochadoodle Scentsy bar ships pre-packaged in a sturdy container made of plastic with the wax divided into eight easy to break apart sections allowing you to quickly and easily place them in a full size Scentsy warmer, mid-size Scentsy warmer or Scentsy plug-in. I normally place one or two sections of my scentsy bar into the top of the dish on my wickless candle warmer. Then I turn on the light switch and start enjoying the amazing mochadoodle aroma safety emitted when the wax starts melting.

Call or email me today for more friendly and helpful information about the Mochadoodle Scentsy bar.

Mochadoodle Scentsy Bar

Corner Cafe Scentsy Bar Collection

The Mochadoodle Scentsy bar is part of the Corner Cafe Scentsy Bar Collection which features ten different scents to choose from.

You know that feeling you get when you bite into a warm bakery cookie or take a sip of your favorite drink at the coffee shop? Bring that yummy feeling home with Scentsy’s Corner Café Collection.

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