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Jill Gorman - Independent Scentsy Super Star Consultant

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As a fellow Scentsy lover, I know how important it is to receive your order in a timely and satisfactory manner. As your consultant, I promise to do everything I can to ensure you receive first class service. I want to be your go-to Scentsy gal and taking good care of my customers is my number 1 priority.

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Home Based Business Ideas For Military Spouses

Hello, my name is Jill Gorman, and I know all to well what it means to search for home based business ideas for military spouses. You see, I was a military spouse in need of a real work at home job, which is why I became a Scentsy independent consultant.

As a military spouse we constantly deal with military moves and separation from our husbands. I found it difficult to work away from home and raise a family. Coming up with the idea of starting a home based business made sense since I could choose the hours that I wanted to work without sacrificing my family responsibility and I had ideas on how to grow your Scentsy business that I could follow.

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As a military wife, when I moved, my home based business forced me to get out there and meet new people and make new friends. I kept my customers from my old duty station. They were able to order from my business web site.

When I moved to my new duty station, I started attending the FRG meetings, hail and farewells and talking to everyone that would listen to me talk about my business.

Soon I developed a whole new group of customers. I actually found that being a military spouse helped me develop my downline easier because I always moved around. I always had new friends and customers to sell Scentsy too. I always believe that if you plant the seed then it will grow. I talked about Scentsy and my downline grew.

Scentsy Makes A Great FRG Fundraiser

In the military, we are always trying to raise money for a group or cause. I was always trying to do fundraisers to earn money for our FRG group. That way we would be able to put on nice events for our familes and soldiers that serve our country. Scentsy is a great way to give back to your community. By doing a Scentsy fundraiser, you can donate all of your profit to your favorite cause. What cause is better than the men and women who fight for our freedom and the families that support them?

I found that Scentsy is easy to sell, especially in the military. We now have an amazing military themed warmer. My husband put a warmer in his office and my sales took off. Who doesn't like a great smelling work area or home?

Military Spouses Wanted As Scentsy Consultants

Start A Scentsy Business

Join The Team

One of the main reasons why I feel becoming an independent Scentsy consultant is the best home based business for military spouses is because it allows you to develop a work schedule suited to your own needs allowing you more time with your children.

The truth is, with all of the new products being released by Scentsy combined with the fact that the warmers and scents literally sell themselves means there are millions of dollars waiting to be made by consultants now and in the future years to come.

One of the fears that a potential home based business owner dreads is the selling aspect of direct sales or network marketing. I'll be honest, nobody likes sales but if that's what it takes to become a millionaire then it is a skill worth improving. Fortunately Scentsy products seem to sell themselves because I have yet to meet a person that did not fall in love with a warmer when their favorite scent was warmed in it.

Additionally, the old model of trying to sell to friends and relatives is not really all that productive which is why I focus on showing how to draw people to you that are asking to be shown the product via attraction marketing instead of trying to talk them in to wanting the product.

The nightmare of working until you are 65 years old and retiring on half your salary with barely enough money to sustain you while trying to afford community college for your children don't have to become a reality. Instead if you approach the Scentsy business opportunity with an open mind and consider it as a viable business opportunity, you will experience success.

There are literally more than 1600 home based business opportunities that are available for a single mom. Some are better than others, some pay better than others, some provide better training than others, some cost less to join than others but there is only one company that accomplished all of those items and represents what I feel is the best home based business for single moms and that is as an independent Scentsy consultant.

Becoming an independent Scentsy consultant is a legitimate way for a mom to earn real income, spend more time with their family and be their own boss.

New Scentsy Consultants needed near you! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.

Openings Available On My Scentsy Team

I have openings for my Scentsy team all over the United States. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant for the states listed below:

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