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Jill Gorman - Independent Scentsy Super Star Consultant

Customer Service Promise

As a fellow Scentsy lover, I know how important it is to receive your order in a timely and satisfactory manner. As your consultant, I promise to do everything I can to ensure you receive first class service. I want to be your go-to Scentsy gal and taking good care of my customers is my number 1 priority.

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Fort Campbell Fast Fact

The Sabalauski Air Assault School, named after Command Sergeant Major Walter James Sabalauski is located on FT Campbell. Courses taught include Air Assault, Pathfinder, Pre-Ranger, Jumpmaster Refresher, and Rappel Master. FRIES/SPIES Master courses are also taught. The school is also home to the Division's Parachute Demonstration Team.

Fort Campbell Scentsy Consultant

Shop Scentsy Now

Shop Scentsy Now

Looking for a local Fort Campbell Scentsy Consultant? I believe I can help you.

Hello, my name is Jill Gorman and as a successful Scentsy consultant since January 2010, I've been helping other people just like yourself buy Scentsy products, host a Scentsy party or join the team in order to become a Scentsy consultant.

I know what it's like having to try and find someone that sells Scentsy. In fact, as a military veteran myself and the ex-wife of a retired Army Soldier who served over 20 years on active duty, I know the frustrations associated with frequent moves resulting in having to find someone nearby (such as at Fort Campbell) that sells Scentsy's amazing products.

Fort Campbell, Kentucky was a post we visited, but never stationed at even though I would have loved to have lived there. But, in the military we are told to go where the military wants us. Isn’t that the typical life of a military wife?

My ex-husband has since retired from the military. Not only did I follow him around the world, but I am also U.S. Army veteran myself. So I understand both sides. I understand the challenges of being a soldier and of being an Army wife. I do miss the life. I always met new people and saw new and exciting places. Those are just some of the benefits.

Please feel free to take advantage of my personal assistance in helping you with all of your Scentsy related needs by contacting me.

Having Trouble Finding A Scentsy Consultant in Fort Campbell?

If you are having trouble locating a Scentsy Consultant in Fort Campbell in order to purchase Scentsy products you should consider using Scentsy's secure online ordering system. I take great pride in helping folks purchase their wickless candle warmers online.

In order to buy authentic Scentsy products, host a Scentsy party, or to become a Scentsy consultant yourself you'll need to get in contact with a current Scentsy Consultant. Fortunately, I'm here here and excited to help you.

New Scentsy Consultants needed near you! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.

Click Here To Join Today!

Become An Fort Campbell Scentsy Consultant

Become A Scentsy Consultant

Become A Scentsy Consultant

If you are considering the opportunity of joining Scentsy in order to become a Fort Campbell Scentsy consultant then now is the time. Quite frankly, there has never been a better opportunity to enjoy immediate success as an independant Scentsy consultant in the state of Kentucky then right now.

But, as a military wife we also know that there are some downfalls being married to a soldier in the military. Usually military spouses need to work to make ends meet. Military spouses are always the ones that have to leave their job and find a new one at the next duty station. What if you could take your job with you? You can if you become a Scentsy consultant in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

The perk that an Army wife has that your average wife doesn't have, is the ability to move around and meet new people. If you were to leave Fort Campbell, you can just take your Scentsy business with you. You can keep your old customers because they can either call you to order or they can order off of your personal Scentsy web site. Then when you move to your new Army post you can get out there and start meeting new people and sell them the gift of Scentsy. So you are never starting from scratch. Instead you are going to keep building your business.

Now, there are several APO zip codes that Scentsy allows you to sell from. You can contact me to find out if the one where you are going is one of them. This will help you keep your Scentsy business alive overseas. Who wouldn’t enjoy a little scent of Scentsy to remind you of home?

When you decide to become a Scentsy consultant on my winning team you join an organization that provides an amazing opportunity to earn part time income and the incredible ability for those with higher goals to launch a successful full time career selling Scentsy products. Don't let this rewarding and lucrative wickless candle business slip through your fingertips.

In addition to the outstanding company sponsored training, I'm personally available to provide guidance, assistance and training to anyone and everyone that joins my Scentsy team. Your success as an independant consultant for Scentsy is important to me and I promise I will do everything I can to make sure you succeed with your new home based wickless candle business.

Scentsy Consultants Wanted in Fort Campbell

Give me a call or e-mail me. I would love to talk to you about Scentsy and help you sign up to become a Scentsy independent consultant.

Not stationed at Fort Campbell? No problem, I also have additional openings for my team at other military installations. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant at any of these other military installations:

  • Fort Bragg Scentsy Consultant
  • Fort Detrick Scentsy Consultant
  • Fort Gordon Scentsy Consultant
  • Fort Hood Scentsy Consultant
  • Fort Huachuca Scentsy Consultant
  • Fort Irwin Scentsy Consultant
  • Fort Jackson Scentsy Consultant
  • Fort Lewis Scentsy Consultant

  • I also have additional openings for my Scentsy team in other states. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant for the states listed below:

    Alabama Scentsy Consultant | Alaska Scentsy Consultant | Arizona Scentsy Consultant | Arkansas Scentsy Consultant | California Scentsy Consultant | Colorado Scentsy Consultant | Connecticut Scentsy Consultant | Delaware Scentsy Consultant | Florida Scentsy Consultant | Georgia Scentsy Consultant | Hawaii Scentsy Consultant | Idaho Scentsy Consultant | Illinois Scentsy Consultant | Indiana Scentsy Consultant | Iowa Scentsy Consultant | Kansas Scentsy Consultant | Kentucky Scentsy Consultant | Louisiana Scentsy Consultant | Maine Scentsy Consultant | Maryland Scentsy Consultant | Massachusetts Scentsy Consultant | Michigan Scentsy Consultant | Minnesota Scentsy Consultant | Mississippi Scentsy Consultant | Missouri Scentsy Consultant | Montana Scentsy Consultant | Nebraska Scentsy Consultant | Nevada Scentsy Consultant | New Hampshire Scentsy Consultant | New Jersey Scentsy Consultant | New Mexico Scentsy Consultant | New York Scentsy Consultant | North Carolina Scentsy Consultant | North Dakota Scentsy Consultant | Ohio Scentsy Consultant | Oklahoma Scentsy Consultant | Oregon Scentsy Consultant | Pennsylvania Scentsy Consultant | Rhode Island Scentsy Consultant | South Carolina Scentsy Consultant | South Dakota Scentsy Consultant | Tennessee Scentsy Consultant | Texas Scentsy Consultant | Utah Scentsy Consultant | Vermont Scentsy Consultant | Virginia Scentsy Consultant | Washington Scentsy Consultant | West Virginia Scentsy Consultant | Wisconsin Scentsy Consultant | Wyoming Scentsy Consultant |